Point of Sale

Collect the payment in an easy manner to enhance customer experience

Point of Sale in retail business stores can maintain all records and tracking customers order, process of credit and debit cards, manage inventory and connect to other systems in a network. So that the major role of POS is capturing of all data and customer payment information at a physical location. POS technology can be used by small to medium size organization that requires highly scalable and customize solutions to their retail business needs.

PoS terminal are installed and operated from personal computers, laptops, and hand-held devices which provides application with specific programs and I/O devices for the particular location. By using PoS, retail businesses can maintain database, separate data sheets and sales recorded in a very easy manner and can download/upload data at any instant of time.

PoS Implementation

Huge variety of software and hardware PoS systems are out in the market, which can be linked directly to computers, cash registers, touch screen display, receipt printer, scales and pole displays, optical bar code scanners, magnetic card readers, or any combination of these devices.

Features of PoS

  • Point of Sale can be used to exchange monetary values
  • The system can used in industries such as service desks, restaurants, entertainment and museums
  • It helps hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations to achieve their IT requirements Improved customers service and customer satisfaction
  • PoS gives higher operational efficiency, lower operating cost and save your time & money
  • By using PoS data is safe, secure, always backed up, automatic upgrades
  • Maintain customers profile, building customers loyalty and drive repeat purchases
  • PoS can be helpful for businesses to get accurate information to take critical business decisions
  • Configure to suit your business process, policies and operating procedures

MercuryMinds solution for POS

MercuryMinds has expert developers who have handled many types of PoS system in the past six years. We have specialized team to offer all PoS related services ranging from plan, design, development till implementation and maintenance. We are always ready to help customers and client at any instant of time.

MercuryMinds are expertise in providing solutions to maintain all data in a centralized manner. We offer Point Of Sales solutions in all type of industries, ranging from restaurants, hotels, hospitality businesses, beauty salons, casinos, stadiums, and the retail environments. We deliver high quality, cost-effective and on time solutions to take your retail commerce business to the next level.