quotoGraphic Design

Quote ’em well…With lots and lots of colours and shades!


Quotographic design and marketing is something relatively new…and trending. The basic idea being the usage of creative graphical portrayal of quotes, facts, information, messages, statistics, ‘how to’ stuff etc for promotional purposes through social media, quotographic design is a social media marketing tactic which is fast catching up. Mcommerce and e commerce websites can make use of this technique to promote their sites in social media and thereby drive in more traffic. Since they go viral easily over social media, new media etc and because they appeal to a wide range of audience, quotographics is an ideal way to attract more customers to your mcommerce/ e commerce website. MercuryMinds undertakes the designing and marketing of quotographics in a well planned manner, which is highly beneficial for our clients. We use attractive and apt style, font, background etc for each quotographic, according to the situation and the tastes of the target audience. Once designed, they are send off for vigorous social media marketing over sites like Facebook, Pinterest etc. Two of the most important methods which we use to drive in traffic from quotographic marketing are direct traffic and brand exposure. Under direct traffic, quotographics are supplemented with catchy captions and contents which links to the client’s website. Thus anybody clicking on such links will be led to the particular mcommerce/ e commerce website. They are also supplemented with brand names, URLs etc, which links to the site. Under brand exposure, quotographics with the brand name on them are shared on blog posts, article sites, news portals etc to give more exposure to the brand identity. For our quotographic services, dial: PHONE NUMBER : +91-44-42136491.