Pricing Strategy is as follows:

  • The initial consultation is free. This means that the users can post their issues under the corresponding section of the ticket for free.
  • After thorough analysis of the issue, we would raise an invoice of about 35USD if we decide to work on that issue.
  • After receiving the full amount from the users, we will proceed to work on that issue.
  • We handle projects that costs maximum of 35USD. If the work is expected to be more than 35USD or the estimation is considered to extend more than 4 hours, we would provide a Custom Quote stating the cost for the work to be done. The corresponding work would be started once the payment is received from the customer. No prior development is encouraged.
  • If the users need any documentation of our work on their issue, then we charge an extra amount of 15USD to get it done. We usually deliver all the specifications they have requested only after receiving the full payment from them.

In case of any queries with regards to this Pricing Strategy, contact us at