Onpage SEO

They say that it’s all about SEO But we know that it’s way beyond…


On page SEO for ecommerce deals with many aspects of a web page such as title tag, URL, content etc which can boost search engine rankings.

MercuryMinds being an organization committed to the cause of digital marketing provides the best to e commerce websites in a timely and dedicated manner, when it comes to implementing on page SEO techniques. Our content team will ensure that your website has engaging content which is of high quality and is linkable as well. Engaging content matters a lot, since it is what makes the readers to stay on and read your point of view completely. Such contents will also prompt the readers to click on the links strewn within. Since search engines are in love with contents which a vast majority of people can link with, we ensure contents crafted to fall within the purview of user demands and popular search queries.

Our team of SEO experts is also well versed in preparing keyword rich title tags to perfection and placing them appropriately, so as to achieve relevancy, good search engine rankings etc.

Smart internal linking, usage of relevant URLs, engaging images and multimedia etc are also among the many tactics used by the MercuryMinds team, when it comes to on page SEO for ecommerce. Our techniques will therefore ensure three things:

  • An increase in the popularity and the traffic to your e commerce website.
  • A decrease in the bounce rate.
  • An increase in customer engagement and responses to call to action.

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