Mobile Commerce SEO

The web is not just about contents. So, learn to say it with pictures!

Mobile commerce SEO…well, we do that all the time, and to the utmost level of perfection. Our SEO services help mcommerce sites to get more traffic and in turn increase their sales. Under mobile commerce SEO, we deal with two things: mobile web apps optimization and mobile native apps optimization.

Mobile Web Apps Optimization:

SEO for mobile is quite different from the regular SEO, since it requires an SEO expert to analyze, understand and work according to the user behavior and preferences of mobile users (which is entirely different from those of the PC users). Our SEO experts understand this aspect and work accordingly to get higher rankings for our clients on mobile searches. Our services are effective enough to connect you with your customers, breaking all the barriers of time and space and present your web app ahead of those of your competitors’.

Some of the services we provide under mobile web apps optimization are:

  • Building up a presence for our clients’ web app on the mobile internet through well planned SEO techniques.
  • Customizing the web apps to make them compatible for mobile devices of all types.
  • Increasing the visibility of the apps through effective SEO usage.
  • SEO optimizing the contents.
  • Conducting technical audits.
  • Analyzing the trends, doing keyword research, strategizing and implementing the best SEO practices.
  • Performing competitive analysis and link building.

Mobile Native Apps Optimization:

It is a well known fact that mobile native apps are in the best pages of the good books of users, while mobile web apps are not. There are reasons galore for this trend. Native apps have two key advantages over web apps:

  • After installing a mobile native app, users will always have your services just at the distance of a single click (while a mobile web app has to be searched for and loaded each time). This disadvantage of web apps prompts users to go for native apps, whenever they are in need of the particular services.
  • Since your native apps greet the customers whenever they switch on their mobile screens, they will automatically grow a psychological loyalty towards the mobile apps and the services they offer.

Considering such important aspects, MercuryMinds has delved into the world of mobile native apps optimization. Our native apps optimization services have two key benefits:

  • Your mobile native apps will get updated with great features (such as engaging contents) using which you will be able to service your customers to a better extent. This will lead to an increase in customer loyalty and favouritism towards your app and your brand identity in turn.
  • The reach of your mobile native apps will keep expanding, with more and more users depending upon them for the particular services.

Both mobile web apps optimization and mobile native apps optimization are very important since internet and online trade are going mobile day by day, with new advancements in mobile technology. So just hop on and follow the tide: PHONE NUMBER : +91-44-42136491