ReactJS Developer

Posted 10 months ago
Job Title:ReactJS Developer
Years of experience:1 year – 3 years
Location:Chennai, India.
Desired Profile:
  • You are self-starter who takes complete ownership of your projects
  • Should have the best problem solving attitude.
  • Ability to work well independently with minimal direction and lead team.
  • Good written and verbal English communication skills
Qualification:Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems
Experience:1 year – 3 years of Web Applications Development experience with exposure to Open Source tools
  • Strong understanding of Basic JS concepts – Higher Level Concepts
  • Deep experience using React.js
  • Worked with ES5 and ES6 JS concepts
  • Worked on state management with React (Redux, Flux, or any others)
  • Understanding of basic DOM modification concepts such as querySelector, getElementById, classList etc
  • Worked with Deeply Nested Objects and familiarity with Mutability
  • Familiarity with different ways of handling asynchronous code (Promises, Fetch)
  • Worked with Events (Event Loops)
  • Worked with versioning – Git
  • Worked with yarn or npm for package management
  • Understanding of Unit and Integration Testing (Basics)
  • Comfort with functional programming and its concepts
  • Comfort with Advanced React patterns such as Higher Order Components, Render Props, Context APIs
  • Basic understanding of different types of storages such as local and session storage
  • Experience in setting up projects with Webpack and the various loaders and plugins required
  • Familiarity with code splitting on Webpack

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