Image SEO

Pictures say much more than mere words. Ignore them and you shall perish!

Sometimes, just getting your web content optimized for search engines is not enough to get more page visitors. Even product images on the pages need to be SEO optimized. And when ecommerce/ mcommerce sites ignore this factor, it leads to a considerable loss in the amount of sales they make through their websites.

Once the product pictures are SEO optimized, they get ranked well in the images search of search engines like Google images. But the methods used for product image optimization are quite different from those used for regular SEO. Well, that could mean only one thing. Stop trusting your regular SEO company this time, and approach the experts.

MercuryMinds has been into the world of product image optimization since many years and just this sheer fact gives us credibility over others in the business.

Let’s take a short peek to know what else makes our services special:

  • We employ cutting edge technology and bubbling levels of creativity, when it comes to digitally enhancing the product image properties to get high rankings in online image searches.
  • We do extensive marketing of the product images on social media sites, picture portfolio sites, document sharing sites etc.
  • We provide high quality pre upload and post upload photo editing services for SEO purposes.
  • We engage in creating and promoting picture albums & portfolios as well as image bookmarking throughout the web.
  • We do picture blogging as well as press releases with SEO images of products.
  • We also provide image removal and suppression services in case of a need. We first identify posted pictures which are not in the best interests of your firm. Once identified, we contact the concerned parties and submit legal requests to remove the pictures. If needed, we go further and use our set of highly effective image suppression tactics and get the images removed.

Contact us for the best product image optimization services, fully customized according to your company’s requirements.