Identity production

Secure your stuff well in advance,Or just watch on and say: ‘Gone with the wind’!

Every company has the right to protect it’s brand identity from getting copied or misused by third parties and competitors. Be it something as simple as the logo or something as complex as the content, your social media brand identity is supposed to speak about your company and only about your company. In case of identity theft, you have all the rights to assert yourself and claim back your brand factors. But in the vast world of internet, it is very difficult to find out about such thefts and take action. This is where the importance of the identity protection services of MercuryMinds becomes evident. We work hard to ensure that you get full control over every aspect of your brand. We also extend our services to help companies to reserve brand aspects and place them in the right places throughout social media websites. Some of the specialties of our services are:

  • Our services are open to mcommerce and e commerce websites of all sizes and nature.
  • In addition to helping you secure your brand elements, we can also help you to claim back your brand elements in case of a theft.
  • We secure all of your sensitive information from the outside world, in case you wish so.
  • We have a vast network to monitor all the social media networks to track suspicious sites. With frequently updated technology, each member in this network works day and night to compile relevant data and act in case of a need.
  • We constantly watch out for newly emerging social media sites and make sure that you already have a strong brand identity established in such sites, before others get a chance to misinterpret and misuse your brand identity.
  • We ensure the security of your trademarks, brand names and intellectual property across all social media sites.
  • Our delivery is quick and swift.
  • We don’t encourage automation. We do everything manually, ensuring the maximum level of perfection.
  • To choose where to place your brand is an option left to you. We will just guide you.

To get a clearer picture about our services, just pick up that phone and dial: PHONE NUMBER : +91-44-42136491.