Googled SEO

Slow and steady wins the race…since that’s the way Google likes it

Google is all about ethics and honesty. It has been so, ever since it introduced the Penguin and Panda updates. That means strictly no black hat seo techniques for the purpose of increasing web traffic. But unfortunately, many websites resort to unethical tactics to gain temporary increase in page visitors…and the result? They get slapped with lifetime bans by Google. This is the case with many ecommerce and mcommerce sites as well, which try to get an increase in their online sales using black hat seo techniques.

But if you prefer to stay away from the dangerous tides…stay safe and stay online for all eternity, then we can help you (Of course, don’t expect a sudden rise in traffic as in the case of black hat seo tactics. But you will definitely experience a gradual and steady rise in your web traffic, entirely through Google approved methods).

Our motto is simple: “we do only what Google appreciates”. And the best part about this little whim of ours is that your site will forever remain in the good books of Google and go all the way up in Google search engine rankings, sooner than later.

Let’s see what our package contains:

  • We offer to setup, customize and analyze Google Webmaster tools to solve issues like crawl errors, malware, indexing etc along with keeping a watch over back links to filter off undesirable links. We also perform optimization of outbound links to prevent issues like links to undesirable websites.
  • We do everything from designing and submitting XML and HTML sitemaps, fixing broken links, optimizing 301 and 401 error pages, customizing robots.txt files etc.
  • We can optimize your ecommerce/ mcommerce website to acquire faster loading time and thereby increase the ranking of the site.
  • We are experts in removing unethical SPAM contents as well as filtering malware, crawl errors, site downtime etc.
  • We also take pleasure in optimizing videos, images etc with relevant and efficient alt and title tags.
  • Our team additionally makes sure to use apt keywords in a manner approved by Google.

We also do:

  • Optimization of schemas for page elements.
  • Optimization of URLs and navigation structure.
  • Optimization of meta titles, meta descriptions, header tags, contents, meta tags etc using apt keywords in adherence to Google’s mandates.
  • Onsite promotions using techniques like blogging, infographics, videos, news contents etc.
  • Offsite promotions using techniques like good quality link building, creation of business profiles in trending websites like Google+, Face book, YouTube, LinkedIn etc, continuous updates in social media, garnering back links from trustworthy websites, building up brand value through various methods like using quotographics etc.
  • We provide tailor made analytics to recognize key performance indicators, fully loaded with private dashboards, funnels, goals, campaign tracking, ecommerce transactions, best referrals and best performing pages options.

Thus our strategies (which are purely white hat seo) can get you sustained organic ranking through ethical promotion of your website. And yes, we don’t believe in setup fees and monthly contracts. To get in touch with us, just dial: PHONE NUMBER : +91-44-42136491