Template/Design Development

Revamp your new/existing shopping cart template with a perfect design

In this busy world, there is so much to do. But it is must to do in an efficient way and faster to start capitalizing on the potential of the internet.

Do you feel that your website design is not good or you want to revamp your existing online shopping cart template, then this is the right place for you to kick-start your project.

Before you start the online shopping cart template design/integration, make sure that you are well prepared and go through the following five steps i.e, Think, Sketch, Design, Integration and Manage.


Think about the requirements to design the online shopping cart template. The online shopping cart business owner is the first person who can provide all the requirements. If the business owner is not that much aware of the online shopping industry, it does not matters. The designer can go ahead even with the minimal details from the online shopping owners. To address such problems, do some research to check out the competitors and make a note of their valuable elements & design methodologies. This research helps to find out answers for the confusions we previously had.


In this phase, the outline for the online shopping cart is sketched which means a rough outline. Sketches of each page of the cart is done to get a clear picture of the ideas. This phase helps the designer and the business owner to come into a mutual view, which will showcase the understanding of the designer. If there is any change required the corrections can be made within the sketches.


Website designing process starts from the initial discussions and planning based on requirements such as preferred colors and elements. Approved sketch is ready and so, the per-planning process is complete to go ahead for the designing.

Now, make use of industry standard design tool such as Photoshop to complete the initial graphic design. Once when the design is ready, send it to the client for approval and make sure of the changes if anything is requested by the client.


In this step, developers play the major role. Design has been converted from the Photoshop format to the live working model. Most of the clients demand an affordable platform to integrate and it means that we should be ready with the respective developer to make the integration.

Shopping Integration steps:

  • Recommend the best shopping cart for the client’s business
  • Programming and coding
  • Test the integrated live website
  • Customize the shopping cart according to the clients needs
  • Go live


Managing a website should be very simple and easier. From adding products to sending newsletters, client should have full access to make updates instantly. The online shopping store is very flexible so that updates done by the client should show faster. Client is provided with support and maintenance services, which will make sure an error free shopping store. Client can concentrate on their promotion and other activities for the shopping store, on getting subscribed with the support and maintenance services.

How MercuryMinds can help you in this?

Above said are the steps MercuryMinds follows to design a template and integrate it with a new/existing online store. MercuryMinds offer customized designs/templates for E-Commerce, Retail Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Social Commerce and TV Commerce websites and online stores such as eBay, Yahoo store etc. Our experienced developers make sure high quality shopping cart template integration, which provides an error free shopping experience for your customers. Most of the clients demand an affordable platform, for this reason MercuryMinds recommends website platforms which are open source that runs in Linux, PHP and MySQL.

Note: If you already have a template/design, we can help you out to do the integration with us. We are always open to start from any of the following steps, Think, sketch, design, integrate and manage.