Shopping Cart Development

Build a successful e-commerce business within the realm of your online business & maximize ROI

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Shopping cart acts as an interface between the customers and shop owners to sell products online. Since online shopping cart deals with payments, security is highly considered to best suit the customer’s need.

MercuryMinds has the required setup and experience to make your online shopping business a success. We develop and customize your shopping site to systematize your payments and data processing. MercuryMinds is an online shopping cart development company specialized in open source shopping cart customization and custom shopping cart development in PHP.

Open Source Shopping Cart Development

Open Source shopping cart gives you full freedom to go live with easy implementation and wide feature-rich options. It acts as the best option for small and medium businesses to start a new store online in a fast and easy manner. Open source shopping carts can be customized to suit any business needs.

MercuryMinds is focussed on developing shopping carts based on the following open source shopping cart frameworks:


  • Your store will be well equipped to perform with the help of a ready-made shopping cart software.
  • Store can be customized with the necessary features and functionality to suit your best needs.
  • Can integrate the modules/extensions that are available in the market with the open source shopping cart.
  • Shopping cart software provider will take care of the upgrades and patches.
  • Reduces time involved in testing the product.

Custom Shopping Cart Development

Building a custom shopping cart development involves building an online store from the scratch. Very first process is to understand the online store’s product taxonomy, pricing matrix, inventory management, customer data management and finally order management.

MercuryMinds has developed more than 50+ customized shopping carts for various industry clients in the past 6 years. We have developed customized shopping carts which involves design, development, testing and implementation processes. Shop owners can ask for any payment gateway of their choice and we will implement it accordingly.


  • Product administration customized explicitly for your products, no more pointless fields
  • Online shopping businesses can decide on the necessary features and we will implement them in the customized shopping cart, which means that it will be more flexible for any future upgrades
  • A unique shopping experience, geared specifically for your customers and complete scalability
  • Can easily develop a mobile version of the existing custom online store
  • Our customized shopping cart makes the client’s online store more user-friendly and secure for any online transactions which ultimately drive more profits and high rated user experience

There are different categories of shopping cart platforms:

Shopping cart


Custom Development

Step up Intermediate Advanced
Technical Developers Average Highly experienced
Customizable/Flexibility Limited Complete flexibility
Best candidate Medium to large eCommerce business Very large and multinational e commerce businesses
E-commerce businesses plan to grow Ready-made shopping cart that you own with some flexibility in the feature customization Highest level of flexibility and control needed to customize it to your business needs