Online event management- things to remember before you take a leap

Event management made easy:

Event management has always been a difficult task, with companies having to handle a number of events at the same time. Additionally, they were also required to manage minute and extremely important details like resource distribution, ticket sales, people management, mailing guest invitations, event publicity etc. But of course, such situations have become things of the past, with the advent of online event management solutions. The possibility of controlling event management through the web has opened up new options, making the entire process easier than ever. The only thing companies are expected to do these days is to install event management softwares in their websites, and get the whole situation under their control.

EventzGo– an online event management platform:

One of the most useful programs available for this purpose these days is EventzGo, which helps people to list and manage events at their convenience. This platform developed by MercuryMinds Technologies Pvt. Ltd has all the features to help you grow your business faster, while letting you save money and time in the process. EventzGo offers a number of advantages to the users like, a safe SSL page for online payment, a showcase which features the events in detail, options for customer registration, geography oriented listing, click rate count, banner management, video management etc. It brings in more customer interaction and provides a single platform for a wide variety of different events, along with facilitating social sharing and advanced search options.

Even though online event management is a good option, you must take care of certain things before you take a leap into the world of online event management and booking. The following tips will help you to blend into the process with ease.


Things to know before you begin:

  • Make use of simple customizations: Make the process of registration simple and user friendly, for those who wants to sign up for your events. You can do this by adding brand colours and other engaging elements to the online registration form. Also try not to make the form too complex and confusing with unnecessary fields and questions.

  • Give offers and discounts to attendees: While selling tickets, throw in some discounts for bulk bookings. Also provide extra options like virtual map for the purpose of seat selection etc. Such tactics will make the process smoother and more engaging.

  • Keep things in an orderly manner: Keep track of things and assign different tasks to different people by giving them log in Ids. This will help them to frequently update the status of tasks taken up. This will also help you to find out and decide about the tasks which need to be taken care of.

  • Use social media integration and newsletter facility offered by the platforms to promote your events. This is a great way to promote your events and get maximum publicity for them. Using this facility you can emails newsletters and also connect with previous ticket buyers through social media.

  • Maintain a calendar: Event management softwares come with calendar options, which can be used to update the events. This will help you to keep note of useful things like free dates and occupied dates among others. This calendar can be posted on your site as well to help people plan in advance, weather to attend an event or not.

  • Keep data: Gather and store all important data such as the number of people coming to a particular event, the total revenue earned from a particular event etc so that it becomes easy to maintain an earning-expense ratio.

  • Custom invitations: Use custom invitation option which is available in most of the event management softwares, to send customized invitations to famous people as well as to the guests. A customized invitation will be more appealing to the recipients. This will also make the tedious process of sending invitations to a large number of people easy.

Following such simple tips as mentioned above, can do a great deal in making the entire process of online event management and booking a smoother one.

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