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TV Apps Payment Gateways

Solve your payment related problems with the help of our professional developers

Recently, many payment gateway service providers have emerged for TV Commerce on seeing it's popularity and growth. MercuryMinds helps you to integrate your existing/new TV shopping application with the payment gateway of your choice. Customers can make payments through their TV's by entering their payment information with the remote control or any other input device.

Payment gateway acts as a bridge between customer and bank to transfer the fund from customer account to corresponding website owner with the help of bank verification. Nowadays, many banks support internet payments to fulfill the customer needs.

Nowadays, TV Commerce payment gateways has more options like net banking, credit card, debit card, gift cards etc., As TV Commerce is growing rapidly, online retailers are eager towards latest technology adoptions. After developing a TV commerce application, it is must to integrate with the payment gateway service to process payments.

TV Apps Payment Gateway Integration

TV Apps Payment Gateway Implementation involves choosing the best-in-class payment gateway option that will suit for your business. Our implementation options ranges from web checkout to in-app payment technologies. Whether your TV apps store is a web app or native app or hybrid app, we will help you to integrate the payment gateway with your store in a professional manner ensuring scalability and security.

Integrating Payment Gateway with your existing E-Commerce Store

MercuryMinds has developed many TV commerce applications from the evolution time of TV commerce. Now we are strong enough with the technology to offer any solution regarding TV apps. When it comes to integration, our expert knowledge in handling online shopping business design and development helps us a lot.

We provide TV apps Payment Gateway Integration Solution to integrate your existing e-commerce and TV Commerce payment processing interface. Whether you are creating a new TV Commerce application or revamping the existing store, we provide you solutions to integrate both the Payment Gateways.


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