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TV Shopping Application Integration

Integrate all your applications and manage it in a centralized manner

TV applications acts as the latest technology for present generation shopping experience. TV application helps to increase your business opportunities, so that you can develop your own TV shopping application. Once when the TV shopping site/application is developed, the next step is to integrate it with the existing store application.

Application Integration

Nowadays E-Commerce, Retail Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Social Commerce and TV Commerce join together to provide an integrated buying experience for the consumers. At this point of time, online retailers should be well aware of integrating all the applications together to manage in a easy way.

MercuryMinds has professionals to do integration of all your Smart TV applications. MercuryMinds integrated application solution will help the online store to deliver a seamless experience to your customers across all channels.

Our Smart TV application integration service includes integrating your Smart TV application with payment gateways, customized API's, e-commerce accounts, external CMS systems, existing list of contacts and NFC applications.

Advantages of TV Shopping Application Integration Solution:

  • Combines TV Commerce and e Marketing platform to maximize sales and ROI.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships by servicing over all channels
  • Well optimized and connected shopping experience
  • Additional shopping features
  • Offline browsing
  • Ability to leverage key device capabilities


Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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