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TVShopping Apps Development

Why miss out the opportunity, when you have the option to sell products through TVs!!

TV Commerce allows viewers to buy goods and services through their TV. It's E-commerce occurring over the TV. We can develop TV-Commerce applications where in, viewers can interact with their brand of choice and purchase the product or service. The TV-commerce application will allow advertisers and content providers to show an iTV(Interactive Television) presence with viewers.

Smart TV

Smart TV acts as an interactive media for users. Smart TV allows users to install and run advanced applications to browse through internet, send mails, interact with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and buy products or services with their remote controls. Smart TV act as a basement for TV Commerce.

Characteristics of Smart TV that can be used for TV Apps Development:

  • Web Access
  • Stronger application processor to do things faster
  • Software based platform with interactive services
  • Compared to traditional TVs, smart TVs are high level technology TVs
  • Can stream videos and other data’s from online
  • Marketplace applications can be downloaded
  • Second screen remote control capability.

Our solution for TV-Commerce Application Development

  1. Design and Development of TV Apps: Design includes designing images, templates, TV-commerce native and web applications. Development of TV-commerce solution includes application for display of latest deals and offers, integrating payment gateway, shopping cart etc.
  2. Development of Marketing Campaigns for TV-commerce: Development of Marketing campaigns include promotion of products, brand, receiving customer feedback for the same, through surveys and polls.
  3. TV Apps for Advertising and Promoting Content: Channel based advertising and product promotion can be initiated through TV-commerce. Users can receive advertisements and alerts based on the content of the TV show played on their Smart TV.
MercuryMinds Value behind TV Apps

MercuryMinds has stepped into TV Apps and created some extraordinary applications based on the client’s requirements. We have expert designers and developers who are capable of providing any TV Apps Solution, to best suit your business needs. Are you ready to step into TV Apps? Contact us for more information.


Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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