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ECommerce Catalog Management Service

Hassle free and timely service for ecommerce product data entry and management

The knack of handling product sales competition in ecommerce market place is turning less into price war and more into first to promote and first to sell strategy. With this increasing pressure to constantly populate and maintain ecommerce data with new product data, it is but mandatory to give the product entry and online inventory management responsibility to someone with Technical, User design and Marketing skillset. Here’s where MercuryMinds ecommerce Catalog Management Service comes in.

MercuryMinds ecommerce Catalog Management Service provides ecommerce catalog processing and management service for product data such as Magento product data entry, xcart product upload services etc. With the help of our trained Virtual assistant you can free yourself from following eCommerce catalog processing tasks:

  • Manual product data entry for ecommerce based sites such as xcart, magento, wocommerce etc.
  • Bulk Data upload or import for various ecommerce based sites.
  • Recategorization and catalog management service.
  • Editing and uploading product images.
  • Online research and gathering of product data including images.
  • Product data review and quality assessment.


Why Choose MercuryMinds?

  • Proven 100% Accuracy in product data processing and upload ensuring maximum client satisfaction. Over 6 years of experience in product listing and cataloging for clients for various ecommerce based sites such as Xcart, Magento, woocommerce etc.
  • Handled ecommerce catalog processing for store owners for popular online marketplaces such as ebay, Amazon, Yahoo etc.
  • Timely processing and delivery of product data based on client requirement with the help of inhouse Virtual assistant team.
  • Affordable costing options for catalog management using inventory based and duration based costing.

ECommerce catalog management Service

Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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