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Web Marketing Analysis

Promote and market your Online store

In the world of online commerce, until you sell any Handmade products the chances of someone else selling the same product online is pretty high. At this point, competitive online visibility of all your products and product categories is very important. Even after getting listed in the top search results, the online store should be fine enough to convert the visitors into customers. That’s where MercuryMinds Web Marketing Analysis Team comes in!

Web Marketing Analysis (WMA) Team was established primarily to assist, e-commerce store
owners and sellers in product listing and product cataloging requirements for their e-commerce stores. Catalog management for an e-commerce store requires a combination of Technical, User design and Marketing skill set

Our dedicated Web Marketing Analysts can offer:

  • Product Listing - Quick and efficient product listing through manual entry and CSV import for any open source shopping cart.
  • Secure data upload - We use best in class FTP softwares and follow security standards to make sure high security to your data.
  • Competitor analysis - Our expert team does complete analysis of your competitors and fetch useful strategies from them in a regular interval of time. Those strategies will be included in the marketing plan
  • Search Engine Optimization - We perform SEO for each and every product/page of your online store to rank higher in SERP(Search Engine Results Page).
  • Data mining - Our team has data mining experts who mine the online store’s data and provide valuable reports. This helps the online store owners to take decisions either to improve targeted campaigns, changing website layouts/designs or changing advertising strategies based on ROI.
  • Data analytics - We examine the online store traffic and navigation patterns to determine the products which are most and less preferred by the customers. Based on the viewing trends and prior purchases we analysis these facts to offer perfect data which acts as a part of the business intelligence.
  • Email marketing service - To promote your products and services we provide effective email marketing service. We help you to build your list, grow your list, manage your subscribers and will personalize your email marketing for bright results.
  • Online chat support and weekly status reports - MercuryMinds provides online chat support through which the client can interact with our WMA team. We also provide weekly status reports to keep the client updated with the status of the work our team did for the past week.
Service Plan Details:


Data Listing

Product listing using product feed template
Product listing through manual entry
Extracting and syndicating product details and image from internet(including editing image)
Uploading product details in portals such as eBay, yahoo etc
Catalog and category management
Catalog and category management
Creating email newsletters and managing newsletter database.
Creating simple image banner
Write product description and proof read existing content in website.
Content management: Write articles, blogs to promote the e-commerce store and it's products.
Manage website content including editing and proofreading.
Monitor website regularly and send weekly reports on tasks performed to resolve technical or content related errors.

Data Mining and Data Analytics

Online research and data extraction
Web content mining
Web usage mining
Social network analysis


SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
SMO(Social Media Optimization)
PPC(Pay Per Click)
Content creation
Directory Submissions
Article Submission
Weekly traffic analysis
Analysis the form sign ups and fine tune
Blog writing and blog post Commenting
Wikipedia Page Creation
Wikipedia link Inclusions
Press releases
Competitor Analysis


Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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