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Modules/Add-ons/Plug-in development

Enhance your store’s native functionality

Developing a shopping cart involves various processes and one of the important process among them is developing custom modules/add-ons/plug-ins to enhance the store features. Every shopping cart framework has their own set of modules, which can be bought or downloaded for free and integrated with your store. If you want any functionalities apart from what is available as ready-made modules? Don't worry, it can be developed.

Accelerate your features road-map with customization

Developing a custom module requires a deep understanding of the shopping cart architecture, coding standards and modular dependencies. MercuryMinds has expert open source shopping cart developers, who have pioneered in developing custom modules to extend the native functionality of the existing shopping cart.

MercuryMinds modules/add-ons/plug-in related services include:

  • Custom development - modules/add-ons/plug-in
  • Custom design - modules/add-ons/plug-in
  • Modules/add-ons/plug-in integration
MercuryMinds Special

In the past six years of time, MercuryMinds has developed many modules for famous open source shopping cart frameworks like X-Cart, Magneto, CS-Cart, etc. We also do integration of existing third-party modules with our client stores, based on their requirements. So, MercuryMinds is capable of providing any solution with respect to modules for open source shopping carts.


Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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