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eBay Store Development

One of the World’s best online shopping mall is offering a space for you

eBay is one of the worlds most famous online shopping store. By using eBay, buyers, sellers can come together and trade their products online. eBay helps to get everything you need to design an attractive eBay Store. MercuryMinds specialized in custom eBay store design, eBay listing template and logo design that will set your business apart from your competition and make your eBay store standing out from the crowd. Our custom eBay design solution makes it easy to create a unique shopping experience.

Custom designed eBay store increases the visibility of an eBay seller by letting your customers know that you care about your business & them. Custom eBay Store increases buyers confidence & credibility which makes your new visitors as a permanent, loyal customer of the Store. This also helps you start establishing your brand.

eBay Store Design and Integration with MercuryMinds

  • Get a strong, stable, consistent and recognizable identity with custom design of eBay store
  • Showcase your products with stunning design
  • Good eBay promotion boxes for showcasing products
  • Enhance Navigation & Search function for better Customer buying experience
  • Custom Design makes you standout in crowd
  • Best sales conversion rate

Our eBay Store Design Services Include:

  • Full Shop Design and Integration(all pages in shop)
  • Header Design
  • Flash Animation Banner
  • Seller Logo Design
  • Search Box Customization
  • Customize the about me page
  • Custom Page layout
  • Setting up shipping costs, payment methods, automated e-mails
  • Customizing store categories
  • Setup Cross-Promotions
  • Home Page setup
  • Custom promotion boxes
  • 6 months free support and warranty


Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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