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BigCommerce Design

Customization services to increase customer loyalty

BigCommerce is a SaaS based e-commerce platform. It is one of the best suitable shopping cart software for multi-platform stores. BigCommerce allows you to inspect HTML and CSS on the page and make necessary changes. With BigCommerce it is easy to sell your products on the internet. Everything related to an online storefront is efficiently powered by BigCommerce with a powerful back-end panel.

BigCommerce templates makes it easy to set up your own professional online store with the pay-as-you-grow model. As BigCommerce is a SaaS based platform, we can 't make any further development with BigCommerce. But design can be customized to best suit your shopping store.

Why should your store run the common template? Just make something unique and attract more customers for your online business.

MercuryMinds customization services for BigCommerce includes:

  • Template/Design customization
  • Custom graphics
  • Font changes
  • Custom picture galleries
  • SEO
  • Strategies for Online promotion
  • Web background changes
  • jQuery rotating image banners
  • Layout changes
  • Product sliders

Our expert BigCommerce developers, knows on how to streamline the process to deliver the best-in-class BigCommerce solution to our clients. We offer our BigCommerce development in all industries such as Finance, Insurance, Travel, Hotel, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Shipping, e-Learning, Real estate and Retail. We deliver high quality, cost effective and on time solutions for BigCommerce development. Contact us for more information.


Share your requirements and get a quote within 48 hrs without any analysis and consultancy cost.

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