Amazon Store Development

Why to lose the easy way to sell your products online

Amazon is the global giants of internet retailing company which sets the benchmark for e-retailing. Over the years, it has diversified into selling a broad range of consumer goods and recently digital downloads. More importantly for us, Amazon have developed leading online shopping technology, which has pushed the boundaries of E-Commerce business and attracted millions of customers worldwide. Finally generate billion of dollars in revenue making it one of the largest online retailers in the world.

Custom designe Amazon store increases the visibility of an Amazon store by letting your customers know that you care about your business & them. Custom Amazon Store increases buyer’s confidence & credibility which makes your new visitors as a permanent, loyal customer of the Store. This also helps you start establishing your brand.

Amazon Store Design and Integration with MercuryMinds

  • Get a strong, stable, consistent and recognizable identity with custom design of Amazon store
  • Showcase your products with stunning design
  • Good Amazon promotion boxes for showcasing products
  • Enhance Navigation & Search function for better Customer buying experience
  • Custom Design makes you standout in crowd
  • Best sales conversion rate

Our Amazon Store Design Services include:

  • Full Shop Design and integration(all pages in shop)
  • Header Design
  • Flash Animation Banner
  • Seller Logo Design
  • Search box customization
  • Customize the about me page
  • Custom page layout
  • Setting up shipping costs, payment methods, automated e-mails
  • Customizing store categories
  • Setup Cross-Promotions
  • Home Page setup
  • Custom promotion boxes
  • 6 months free support and warranty