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Smifu, New Zealand - Retail Store Designing & Development

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  • Client(s): Smifu, New Zealand
  • Website URL:
  • Technology:
    PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Adobe Photoshop
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Display of the well designed banner in the home page...

Display of the categories in the home page...

Display of the list of the products and the footer section...

View of the particulars of the chosen product in detail...

View of the shopping cart...

Smifu is camera warehouse company that caters the online sales of the digital cameras and its allied products. They serve to bring savings to their customers on top brands while delivering the best shopping experience. Their passion towards photography encourages them to focus on their service with dedication allowing the customers to buy the products with confidence.

Smifu advanced MercuryMinds to model their website that would enhance their approach of exhibiting and selling their photographic equipments. We customized the magento platform and designed the website with data migration and worked to increase their visibility and traffic through our SEO services.


Banner Management: We designed banners that reflects the design style of the website.

Design and Integration: The creative design was integrated to Magento

DPS Payment Gateway: Integrated DPS Payment Gateway allowing secured transactions thereby ensuring the trust of the customers.

Finance Solutions: We developed a payment mode allowing the customers to get finance for their ordered products.

Camera Serial No: Unique serial number is assigned to each product which enables the customers to easily communicate in the future with the vendor in case of any issues.

Camera Quotation: Allows the customers to send their quotations related to the products they wish to purchase.

Warranty Details: Allows the customers to view if the products they wish to purchase possesses warranty.

New products and Best sellers: Allows the customers to view the recent products released in the market and the list of the products that are purchased often.

Featured Products: Allows the customers to view the most popular products in the home page enabling easier purchases of the products.

Currency selection and Shadowbox module: Allows the custoers to choose among the various currency options and ensures them by displaying the currency option that is chosen by them to purchase the products.

Gift Voucher: We implemented this option to enable the customers to send the gift vochures to their friends via e-mail.

Live Chat: We implemented Live Chat enabling the customers to take the advantage of the online chat.

Internet Banking: Allows the customers to pay for their products online via Internet Banking.

Wishlist Option: Allows the customers to add their desired products into this My Wishlist category if they aspire to buy those products in the future.

News Letter and Testimonials Allows the customers to get newsletter periodically when subscribed to it and also allows them to add their testimonials.

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