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A&C NEXUS ENGINEERING LTD, Cyprus - X-Cart Design & Development

  • Project:
  • Client(s): A&C NEXUS ENGINEERING LTD, Cyprus
  • Website URL:
  • Technology:
    PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Adobe Photoshop
  • Products Used :

    X-Cart 4.2.3 Gold.

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Nexus is an online store providing the sales of all the commodities that are involved with the computer industry. Their steady approach of implementing latest innovations in the market helps them to fabricate their relationship with their customers.

Nexus approached MercuryMinds to enhance their webstore that would engross their customers with advanced online shopping. The design work of MercuryMinds resulted in exponential gain of the contentment from the customers of Nexus for their valuable time spent on online shopping.


X-Cart Design Integration: The creative design was integrated to the X-Cart version 4.2.3 Gold.

The project entailed modifying the standard off-the-shelf X-cart Pro skin to suit our requirements, and to make adjustments to the back-end in order to add functionality to the site.

We were assigned a Mercury Minds programmer that dealt exclusively with our project. We thought this was beneficial as we didnt have to replicate instructions to many different people.

We sent our programmer the designs that we wanted integrated to the front-end, plus requirements for the back-end functionality.

On the whole, the project was conducted in a professional manner. Solutions were achieved reliably, and our requirements were met. If there was anything that we required adjusting, it was done it a reliable and timely fashion. Our programmer would liaise with us via Skype in order that we could troubleshoot sections of the site on-the-fly. This would increase the efficiency of the project; sometimes our programmer was online beyond 8pm!

The sales department of Mercury Minds met our cost requirements, and tailored the project to suit our budget. They were very pleasant at all times, and always willing to help us when we requested help.

The only negatives we felt could be improved upon was the understanding of specific requirements by the programmer. We would outline specific areas that needed attention via email, but they would either not be done and would be misunderstood. There was occasion where we had to repeat the request three times before it was completed correctly. Consequently the project length was increased by several days. We found that we had to sometimes appeal to the programmer's superior in order to achieve a suitable solution.

Aside from that, Mercury Minds are a very professional organisation and I would not hesitate in using them again. In fact, we have already used them since in order to give our site further functionality.

5/5 - Customer Satisfaction
4/5 - Professionalism
5/5 - Communications
3/5 - Requirements comprehension
4/5 - Work Rate
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