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Dymoeu - Xcart Customization

  • Project:
  • Client(s): Dymoeu
  • Website URL:
    DYMO.EU, Dymo Dealer
  • Technology:
    PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Adobe Photoshop
  • Products Used :

    X-Cart version 4.4.2 Pro

Dymoeu - X Cart Website Customization Dymoeu - WebShop Designing Dymoeu - Ecommerce Web Store Designing Dymoeu - Online Shopping Portal Designing

Well designed home page...

Display of the list of the products...

Description of the product in detail...

View of the shopping cart... is a webshop that sells professional dymo products assisting in printing labels that can be identified easily and quickly. They also sell business card scanners and tapes that fits ideally on various types of products and softwares. approached MercuryMinds to remodel their website that would enable their customers to easily access the products that are available in their zone. We assigned unique IP address to different countries by eliminating the fuss that would result in the display of the exact stock availability of the products to the customers viewing the store from various parts of the globe.


X-Cart Design Integration: The creative design was integrated into the X-Cart version 4.4.2 Pro.

IP identification: Allows the customers to view the availability of the products in their region by clicking on their related country's link in the home page.

For all who are interested in developing a website in co-operation with Mercury Minds.

I was a longer process then I expected, but the result is better then a thought it would be.

We have started selling products on our shop and the clients are very pleased with our new webshop.

I the near future I am sure I will do more development together with Mercury Minds.

What's next?
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