Crowdsourcing Service

Experience the power of collaborative workforce with assured Delivery and Data integrity

Crowdsourcing service model is undoubtedly the next big thing in Business Process Reengineering. Traditionally a Crowdsourcing service offers access to a network of skilled professionals not bound by geographical or language boundaries. But the traditional Crowdsourcing model has one stigmatic weakness, which is the lack of monitoring and presence of unknown professionals who add to the collaborative effort to develop and support your project with the uncertainty of Data integrity and undefined delivery timeframe . MercuryMinds started providing its Crowdsourcing service in view of the growing need for Technology, Funding and innovative ideas combined with the need for monitoring and tracking data integrity of the internal and external work force involved in the crowdsourcing projects. MercuryMinds launched its first crowdsourcing project for ecommerce under the technological partnership segment in the year 2010 followed by several strategic partnerships with businesses worth of millions and even more in growth potential.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients sign up for crowdsourcing service with us:

Unrestricted talent pool at ridiculously lower cost than outsourcing service:

As a subscriber to our Crowdsourcing service, you can get the freedom to opt for a customized team based on the skill set and experience required to make your business successful. The crowdsourcing approach lets you enjoy the service of talented professionals from different domains and experience level, unrestricted by their geographical location, language and even cost. How’s that possible you ask? You can customize the cost for the service we offer by choosing between Pay as you Go and dedicated monthly based model. Your choice of dedicated team can consists of resources of varied skill sets such as Design, Development, Digital marketing, content writing, product catalog management etc. This collaborative approach not only helps you get the required support on time but also helps save huge costs as you only need to pay for the delivery agreed for.

Strategic Business Planning and partnership:

Digital commerce unlike any other business is driven by multiple technological and Marketing factors. Digital marketing in itself has established a completely different paradigm and new challenges, requiring marketers to utilize different channels of marketing to promote online store. Under such scenario it is not sufficient to outsource a project completely to a single entity, but strategically engage a group of inhouse and external experts with experience in engaging in multiple eBusiness projects. Strategic partnership with MercuryMinds Technologies to access the right resource pool brings insight on multiple aspects of Digital commerce thus enabling strategic business planning and Ecommerce Business continuity.

High Level of customer service and Data Integrity:

Signing up for our crowdsourcing service offers a reliable channel to access the resource pool. As we mediate and manage our network of external professionals for crowdsourcing through subcontractor based model for your business we ensure the safety of your data by signing up resources for the appropriate NDA’s. Also our project management team ensures that the vast number of resources engaged in your crowdsourcing project is productive and adhere to the delivery guidelines.This incorporates quick decision making and resolution of issues, as you will not be affected by the variation in timeline and the knowledge gap that a traditional industry project coordination team faces while engaging in a crowdsourcing project.