Business Consulting

Adopt competitive strategies to secure the future of your ecommerce business

The current Era of consumerism is a highly viable sector wherein retailers persistently endeavor to create an inspiring image in the minds of the consumers. To counteract the rising buyer needs, retailers and consumer products manufacturers continuously need to develop novel strategies to draw more customers.

Since 2008 we have been serving leaders and organizations in the Retail & Digital commerce industry with the passion to forge new paths & Practices. We have worked with our clients to develop, comprehend and communicate new insight which is then used to implement and execute strategic decisions that position our client business for a transformative change. The company’s longstanding experience and goal-oriented team of professionals underpin our commitment to providing our clients with up-to-date, relevant, consistent and actionable directions.

Our team of ecommerce business consultants assist in envisioning market-driven strategies that are consumer friendly and thus help boost your business prospects. Our retail and consumer product expertise presents you with a competitive edge by supplying corporate strategies and execution capabilities. Our Retail & E-Commerce Consulting supports our clients in decision making processes in the key business areas aiming at securing strong market position, identifying competitive advantages, optimizing operational costs and as a result increasing return on undertaken investments in development. MercuryMinds Consulting service model is built on a distinctive fusion of a local approach with Global quality standards. Value for our clients is also based on the synergy of in-house industry data, analyses, forecasts and personal contacts in variety of sectors, as well as consulting and research skills.

Using its diverse consultant resource pool and real time experience as an Ecommerce development firm, MercuryMinds can offer strategic consulting, addressing the nuances of Digital Commerce such as but not limited to the following:

1. Strategic Planning and roadmap

Our unparalleled industry expertise enables us to help you boost your business performance. Our retail solutions cover a wide range of strategic features which include:

  • Market Opportunity Assessment: We assess market opportunities available to you, using a meticulous approach covering on the whole the financial, social, and technological trends. Our proficient market size forecasters render a clear interpretation of the current factors that influence the industry
  • Business Assessment: For improving your business capability and building the underlying foundation to your business strategy, business assessment is an imperative task. We analyze all aspects of your business and consequently advise you on issues faced and opportunities available.
  • Business Assessment: For improving your business capability and building the underlying foundation to your business strategy, business assessment is an imperative task. We analyze all aspects of your business and consequently advise you on issues faced and opportunities available.
  • Research and Analysis: Our global approach for research and analysis focuses on minimizing growth constraints through insightful, fact-based research and analysis solutions.
  • Operating Model: We facilitate your business to deliver value through the creation of an operating model which accommodates the process, organization, and technology domains.
  • Roll-out Strategy: We assist you to develop suitable strategies for roll-outs by helping you understand customer behavior and identify favorable and unfavorable aspects.
  • Business Plan and Financials: Our consultants, after gaining an in-depth understanding of your business vision, help you formulate complete business plans and detailed financials.

2. Startup assistance:

We can support you at every phase of your business, from conceptualization to implementation. We aim to empower your operations through our diverse industry expertise in:

  • Project Management
  • Sourcing and Buying Implementation
  • Organization Design and Creation
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Retail Operations Framework
  • Post Implementation Assistance

3. Business Analytics:

Ecommerce based Business Analytics data offers greater insight into business operations at every level by providing clarity on KPI’s of your business. It enables improved decision making across various business units using real and statistical factual reporting data. Thus derived enhanced business decisions increases competitiveness with superior ability to predict and respond to market changes and opportunities.

4. Consumer insights:

We gather a deep understanding of consumer behavior, opinions, and needs. Through this holistic consumer insight, we are able to offer business solutions that promise customer satisfaction

  • Shopper Insights
  • Trends Insights
  • Design and Innovation Insights
  • Marketing and Communications

5. Online branding and reputation management:

Online reputation management is essential for both new and existing ecommerce stores as every customer comment in product review and social media can impact your online credibility. While branding is a priority for new online stores for promoting brand awareness among customers, reputation management involves engaging customers in positive conversations and neutralizing the impact of negative comments.

6. Post Launch business and business Audit:

Our audit meticulously reviews your business and ecommerce site to analyze the website and business KPI’s. Based on the audit result we can recommend the best practices for performance improvement suitable for short term and long term business priorities. In addition a thorough audit also enables in building a focused business plan for implementing and tracking progress.