DigiMagzFit a new revolution in Online Digital Magazine publishing

MercuryMinds is proud to introduce DigiMagzFit to the Magazine and Newspaper businesses. With our DigiMagzFit product publishers can take their business to the next level by making their magazine or newspaper Digital.

A recent mobile survey states that reading news, magazines and books online is tremendously increased and it covers the maximum usage percentage next to games and social networking.

Below infographics clearly shows that habit of reading newspaper and magazine is tremendously high in Smartphones and Tablets.


In this modern busy world, people don’t even have time to relax and so, they enjoy news and entertainment nowadays in their digital gadgets that too on the go. So the traditional print magazine and newspaper is slowly losing this category of customers.

In current trend you can overcome your competitors only when you provide latest news first to the customers. This can be achieved only when you have a digital platform and mobile app for your news or magazine. In the digital version when the client uploads latest news in the admin end it will be instantly updated in the front end which can be viewed by the customer. This cannot be achieved through the traditional print based newspaper and magazines.

Anyone can develop and give you this digital platform for your news or magazine business but will they provide you the native mobile apps for android, iOS and windows separately? Will they provide you a dynamic user and admin friendly interface? Will they offer you this as a whole single ready to go product? Will they support any customization that too in lesser cost and time? The answer is no. But MercuryMinds offers you a complete Online Digital magazine publishing software with all the above features in the name of one product that is DigiMagzFit.

Now the only work for you is contacting our sales team. What are you waiting for? Grab this chance and take your business to next level.

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